Category: Accompaniments

Accompaniments section for ocarina by Mickji.

In this section you’ll find accompaniments designed to play with the sheet music and tablature that you can find on this website.
Accompaniments can be midi creations or recordings of real instruments playing the song. At first they are all midi, once players will be found, the accompaniments will be recorded and uploaded again to guarantee you the best of quality in your musical journey with the ocarina. You will always have a play preview button to check if you like it or not.

If you like it, you can give us a little tip on how to improve and suggest more things like what should be done next, which songs prepare and more, visit the Contacts and Portfolio section to send an e-mail!

Also, donations are very welcome! To keep the service going, to help pay the copyright fees, pay the rights of the people that helped in the process of song’s arrangement and more, please consider donate using this button:

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