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In this section you’ll find ocarina tutorials, sheet music tutorials, special news and everything which can be classified as other or doesn’t have a category. In the other section you’ll not find accompaniment, sheet music, numerical score or tablature.
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how to draw clefs thumb 0

Learn sheet music – How to draw clefs

To know how to draw all the different clefs is always a good thing. There is will be the possibility that we will write our own sheet music on a blank page. So where...

key signatures thumb 0

Learn sheet music – Key signatures

Since you’ve arrived until here it means that you are taking things seriously, so I think it’s now time to look more carefully at the sheet music. What I mean is that other than...

clefs ocarina sheet music tutorial 0

Learn sheet music – Clefs

Usually on the sheet music, the clef is used to let you know the name of the musical notes, their height and which musical instruments are best suited to follow the music that follows....

color blindeness levels 0

Color legenda

Colors in music notation help many people and we want to make thing always better. This is how the colors will be from now on.

barlines thumb 0

Learn sheet music – Barlines

Barlines are an essential part of a sheet music page and there are many. It is time to learn all the barlines that you will find in your sheet music page!

staff thumbnails 0

Learn sheet music – staff

The staff is the main part of a sheet music page. It lays many information on it that will allow you to play a song. Let’s learn how to use the staff.

Learn sheet music – Page architecture 0

Learn sheet music – Page architecture

It is now time to give a name to all the things that compose a sheet music! Let’s take a look at a very simple sheet music that shows the essential only. A sheet...