Learn sheet music – Barlines

Sometimes in a sheet music page you can find different barlines from the normal single vertical line that we have seen by now.

In the following article we will take a quick look at every possible barlines that can be found in a sheet music page.
The most common and the less used will also be showed in this article.
The first one is the one that you already know from the page architecture article. It is called normal or single barline.

Single barline

normal barline 1
It is the barline that you will normally find in a sheet music page. It is the most commonly used and probabily the only one that you yet knew.

Double barline

double barline 1
It is usually used before a time change or a Fine mark.

Repetition start

repetition o barline 1
As the name suggests, it is used before a piece of sheet music that must be repeated.

Repetition end

repetition c barline 1
As above, it is used at the end of the piece of sheet music that must be repeated.

Repetition end and start

repetition oc barline 1
This can be found in the middle of two consecutive pieces of sheet music that must be repeated.
It does not count as double repetition mark but it can divide the sheet music between a prima volta and a seconda volta repetition marks.

End barline

end barline
You will find it at the end of the sheet music.
Other variations of the single barline can be found in the sheet music such as the following two.

Dashed barline

dashed barline 1

Dotted barline

dotted barline 1
Less often you may find ticks marks and short barlines. There are 2 versions, one is shorter than the other.

Tick marks

Basically tick marks are just a tiny mark at the top of the staff.

normal barline 4 normal barline 5
This is how the single barline will appear if it is ticked.
double barline 4  double barline 5
This is how the double barline will appear if it is ticked.
repetition o barline 4  repetition o barline 5
The is the repetition start tick barline. Only the two lines are written on the top of the fift line of the staff.
repetition c barline 4   repetition c barline 5

This is the repetition end tick. It is made like the start mark but the double dot lays on the left of the double ticked line.
repetition oc barline 4  repetition oc barline 5
This is the repetition end and start ticked.

Short barlines

Also in this case there are two ways to write them. One is shorter than the other, but in this case the lines are in the center of the staff and not at the top.
normal barline 2  normal barline 3
Short normal barline.
double barline 2  double barline 3
Short double barline.
repetition o barline 2  repetition o barline 3
Short repetition start.
repetition c barline 2  repetition c barline 3
Short repetition end.
repetition oc 2  repetition oc barline 3
Short repetition end and start.

Now that you know all the bars you can continue the tutorial by going at  the Clefs tutorial .
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