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Danny Boy sheet music for 12 holes ocarina 0

danny boy

In the following you’ll find a PDF of Danny boy’s song for the collab The sheet music is written for Alto C ocarina 12 holes. If you have a 10 holes, just skip those...

zelda ocarina collection thumb 0

Zelda collection

I’ve recently found my old and first ocarina folder with all the stuff I first searched and I wanted to play. Oh so much joy! It’s cute to see old stuff … Surprisingly, the...

how to draw clefs thumb 0

Learn sheet music – How to draw clefs

To know how to draw all the different clefs is always a good thing. There is will be the possibility that we will write our own sheet music on a blank page. So where...

clefs ocarina sheet music tutorial 0

Learn sheet music – Clefs

Usually on the sheet music, the clef is used to let you know the name of the musical notes, their height and which musical instruments are best suited to follow the music that follows....