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Mickji is not a musican but likes Portfolio Signmusic very much, as many of you do ... especially play a simple and ancient musical instrument that lets you express yourself in many ways, an instrument discovered for the beauty of its sound and later for its name: the ocarina.

Started to make and play ocarina in 2011 Mickji never studied at musical school as the amazing ocarina teachers and players that you may see all around the world, if you will continue your path into music, but will be happy to helps you in your way into the musical world and the ocarina journey itself, sharing tricks and tips on how to play your ocarina better and sharing with you sheet music, visual tabs, numerical score, accompaniments and everything that will help the single person to grow in the musical field.... and sing like a bird!

If you have any question, or you want to ask sheet music or else you can ask it.


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